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Fast Food and Obesity @profjsm #code71

I chose the topic fast food and obesity because both are a non stop growing problem. Fast food is one of the leading reason in bad health. People are becoming obese from all the fast food and junk, and it is also a increasing issue for children. All these fast food companies have high fructose corn syrup which is the main reason why people are becoming so obese and unhealthy. If people do not exercise or take caution, they will end up with serous problems throughout life. This can cause diabetes and heart attacks because of the intake of fast food. Fast good chains are growing and will not stop. They will only get worse and worse. All these fast-food companies add all kinds of ingredients and chemicals into their  food which is completely unhealthy. Its not only fast-food chains that are changing the way we eat, it is also the meatpacking business. They have completely changed the way food is today by processing and adding hormones to the animals food. For the result of that causes obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. In order for me to continue my research about fast food I will need the library databases, internet and even personal experiences from people. I will need to go deep into researching to find some hard evidence.


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Fast Food Nation Chapter 8: The Most Dangerous Job @profjsm #code71

This chapter of Fast Food Nation reveals the disturbing truth of meatpacking companies. The working conditions and environments showed the truth on how employees are being treated. The chapters name is the most dangerous job and that is the truth. Employees are getting injured constantly in the slaughterhouses, but management does just about nothing about these situations. If an employee gets injured on the job they are sent to the companies nurse to be inspected. Even the nurses do not care. Slaughterhouses have so many injuries, they are suppose to report and document each one but they do not even document half of the injuries to OSHA. One of the most used injuries is a pulled muscle even for the serious injuries. One guy had a pretty serous cut and the nurse told him to come back to work the next day. The nurse has also said, ” if you can’t use one hand, use the other.” That is very harsh to say. Supervisors are very corrupt in slaughterhouses as well, they abuse their power and overwork the employees. This can go as far as even trading for ‘favors.’ When employees want to try to get a easier job, or a higher position, supervisors would ask for sexual favors or even drugs. Sometimes supervisors will even supply employees to work double shifts for the drug crank. After reading this chapter, I do believe this is the most dangerous job in the United States. It is sad to see people are that desperate enough to have to work in these environments  and conditions.


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Fast Food Nation Chapter 7: Cogs in the Great Machine @profjsm #code71

In this chapter we learn about some of the slaughterhouse environments. Slaughterhouse management is very corrupt and horrid. The work environment is treated terribly, workers are constantly getting injured and supervisors are power-happy. Supervisors treat their employees with no respect and have no concern for them. Whenever an employee gets injured on duty, the company will not report it and will give nothing to the employee. Even for the serious injuries management treats it like nothing and forces the employees to come back to work. All they hire are illegal immigrants because these companies feel like they have them on a leash so they can control them. Slaughterhouses have a high turnover rate, whenever someone quits or get fired they easily find new immigrants to hire.  People believe meat comes from farms and are made naturally but that is not the case. The meat packing business is all made in factories and processed. Nobody would ever have guess how meat packing businesses work. These companies have so much power it is unbelievable. Employees are treated wrong and the higher ups are greedy and do not care.  I do not see how they slaughterhouses are still up and running for business and they need to be shut down.

Marfrig Slaughterhouse Facility, Tangara da Serra, Mato Grosso State, Brazil.

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Fast Food Nation Chapter 6: On the Range @profjsm #code71

This chapter starts out with the main character, Hank who lives out on a farm not very far from a raceway. He was a typical farmer with a family, wife and kids. This chapter reveals a lot of shocking truth to what is becoming of the fast food business and meat products. The food business is going down the drain. Meat is becoming processed and very unhealthy to eat. These companies are putting chemicals into the cows, chickens, pigs, etc., foods. These chemicals they are putting into the food is to speed up the growth and the hormones, which results into bigger and fatter animals. That does not necessarily mean it is a good practice. These huge companies like tyson are abusing the animals and employees. These companies are trapping the farmers into these contracts so they can never escape. The farmers have to spend so much money to get these farm houses set up but they will never go out of debt for their very little amount of money they earn.  These companies are becoming a very bad business which is changing the food business. Hank later shocked everyone later in the chapter. Hank committed suicide shocking the world. Everything was going perfect for him, had a family and a career but nobody knows what made him commit to those actions.

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Monsanto Beans @profjsm #code71

Today in class we watched a documentary that showed us all behind the scenes in meat packaging. This video showed everything from how the employees and animals are treated and the horrifyimg facts about slaughterhouses. Natural farming is disappearing and factory farming is taking over. These huge factories have completely changed the way the food business is growing. These companies changed the way of farming. They have turned grassfeeding cows to corn-eaters. The problem with that is the high amounts of corn that is being fed to the cows are making them fat. These companies are also injecting chemicals into the cows food to quicken the growth, the exact same with other animals. Their farming techniques are not natural, its just mass production and it is nothing like how it use to be. The worlds largest slaughterhouse kills 32,000 hogs everyday. Thats an outstanding number. The animals are not the only ones getting mistreated, employees are disrespected and the industrial jobs are some of the most dangerous jobs out there. Farmers were threatened to lose their contracts with the companies if they spoke about their processing plants. In the documentary, farmers were not allowed to show their chicken houses because of what they do. In conclusion it is disgusting and horrifying seeing what these companies do to these animals and all they do to genetically modify these animals.

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